5 Ways Men Can Step into Spiritual Alignment

If you’re a man in American culture, particularly a white man, there is a lot of learning and unpacking you’ll have to do to evolve into this next phase of history, where spiritual evolution takes precedence, and not money, external status, or external power.

It is not that externals have to be eschewed. It is simply that we have to get spiritually in tune and aligned, and let what’s powerful inside us radiate outward, so that we remain strong and resilient when the externals fall away.

Here are some steps to take and reflection questions to ask as you embark on this new territory.

This practice helps you develop and foster the wisdom inside you as intuitive guidance that helps you live a full and happy life.

Choose any one of these practices that feels most appealing to you, or try them out at various times.

1. Consider this: Any experience in front of you is intended for you.

Practice accepting what is offered to you with grace and humility, even if it comes from unexpected places. This is the path of letting go, of flow. Consider that every experience and every person is the Divine Hand showing you pieces of yourself and disseminating magic.

*Once you have mastered the practice of engaging with every person who comes

before you as a person of significance, you slowly begin to learn the nature of True

Power, which is internal power.

Wisdom-keepers call this "knowledge impregnated with love."

2. Focus, for at least a month, on the following questions:

“Who am I, underneath of my exterior? (Do not be limited by nouns--instead, try adjectives.)

What do I want deeply? What have I wanted and sought for most of my life? Why?

3. Remain flexible in your life, rather than rigid and dogmatic. Find your edges and your boundaries.

In new situations, ask, Where is there wiggle room? What questions can I ask to uncover greater knowledge?

Sit with discomfort and experience how you feel in moments when boundaries and order shifts. Do you label something wild or chaotic as "bad" or "good"? Can you eliminate those designators for a while and experience the moment instead, with inherent trust in a larger order, instead of an order that you are instructed to make?

4. Take an entire morning to focus on humility, and then engage practices that foster that humility in your life.

What humbles me, over and over again?

How can I invite opportunities in my life to experience this humility?

Have I prevented or blocked opportunities like this in the past? Why?

  • Adopt a tangible practice to commit to for one-week, which emphasizes humility, and see how it changes you or enhances your experience of freedom and happiness.

  • Keep in mind that humility is rooted in the word humus, which means "earth." So humility is anything that brings you out of your head, into your heart, feeling rooted and grounded in the earth. (It is not necessarily self-effacing or self-sacrificing.)

5. Finally, look over your life and your choices and discover why you commit to things.

When you have made commitments in the past, do you know why you have done it?

What were (and are) the things you traditionally turn toward? Are those patterns still the things you want to turn toward?

In your behavior and practice, are the things you deeply want and the things you actually do at odds?

*Take a few moments each day to write down steps that will get you into better alignment, if you've gone off course. Be sure to practice them as often as you can.

BONUS! Also, consider:

When you turn toward something, is it in line with the elements or traits that keep you humble?

If you are turning toward what keeps you humble, then you can trust yourself. If you are turning toward things that elevate your ego, or seek satisfaction from a desire for external power or reward, then you will want to reconfigure your sense of self and identity through the above practices, and with help from others.

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