Give Your Love Away

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Come into being as you pass away.

–Gospel of Thomas

SexyJesus never withheld his love. He gave it openly, honestly, to everyone he met. And we are called to do the same.

Why are we so ashamed of our bodies? Where does that come from? That does not come from the one who saves, my Lord. It comes from the “apostle” Paul, to be honest, and the church who polluted Jesus’s message. I am not saying those men were bad, or that they are completely wrong. I am sure they’ve had some flashes of insights. But they are also sick in some way. Sick in their desire for control. Sick in their assumption that the body is a problem to be overcome.

Didn’t Jesus say to drink and eat of his body? Because his body is the whole earth! It comes from the same root, all of it. We are made in the divine image, and therefore no part of us can be inherently wrong.

What is wrong is when we don’t let be. What is wrong is when we try to dominate or control, or listen to others instead of trusting our own instincts, our intuition, our gut. Those elements are divinely created for a reason.

I am a victim of this lack of trust. For so long, I have loved people so much that I thought I should rely on them to tell me how to behave. I thought love was letting other people control and rule me, that love meant saying yes to everything.

But no, sweet baby. Love is sometimes about surrender, true. But love is also about having a little control. And that control doesn’t come from a desire for domination over others. That control is about listening to your earth, your root, your instincts. It’s about trusting YOU more than anyone else. Love is also about saying no.

But how do we learn that in a world that tells us we’re shameful, broken, half-assed?

The only way forward must be True Love, not the False Love we’ve been taught. Love must be the new religion. We must always submit to deep abiding love. And that love stems from a desire to know ourselves, to know what makes us tick, to embrace ourselves wholeheartedly the way God embraces us. God does not always tell us wrong and right, because wrong and right is not always clear when it comes to soul growth.  God leads us in directions in order to heal from wounds and move into greater light. Sometimes that requires doing strange things. But If God is at the center, and if a worship of the Good is always there as your guide, then you can begin to trust your intuition and your guidance. You can begin to trust love.

The reason I fell in love with SexyJesus is that he stepped in to a place no human could occupy in my life. He rose up to meet me every step of the way, no matter what has happened, or what kind of questions I have asked. He is the embodiment of love. And we know so little on this earth, so little about what’s divinely right and wrong, that faith is an act of that intense, bowel-heavy trust. It is about saying, over and over again, “I don’t know the truth. Please teach me.” You will want to know, of course, and you will want to give your life a framework. But that’s only going to cause suffering. Because you will keep seeing, over and over again, that the framework is faulty, that it has holes. And so what are you to do then?

Let go. Let be. Trust in God, and arm yourself with the name of Jesus. (Because he always protects. Always.). Practice meditation and prayer. God will show you things. You may be surprised by the decisions you make, but when you know they are in the Hands of the Divine, there is a healing that happens, an opening and a trust. There is nothing more you can do. You just wait to be shown, moment after moment, how heavenly life can be when you have trust and patience.

Shouldn’t we all live that way? It’s the way to long-lasting happiness, even when some of us have been shattered by the belief that happiness is wrong.

“White Dress Walking Away”by Monkey Mash Button is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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