How to Love Yourself: An Ongoing Recipe

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Step One:

Stop browsing your computer or your phone. Put them both away.

Step Two:

Slice up an apple. Make water into wine by pouring its cool, clear freshness from a carafe into your favorite glass. Watch the light hit it; hear its luxurious sound.

Sit on the floor of your living room, on a golden blanket, in your bare feet, listening to Nina Simone. Bite into your apple’s crispness. Drink the calming fluid.

This is how you make love.

Step Three:

At your bedroom altar, write a note to past paramours. Sign the papers with a lipstick kiss. Roll the papers into tubes, like cigarettes, and light them on fire. Watch them burn. Blow out the fire before it reaches your fingertips. Toss the jagged scroll into an open bowl, pour over it cool water. Cover the tatters in rose hips. Utter a prayer of forgiveness, of peacefulness, of gratitude.

Say goodbye.

(This is called a threshold.)

Step Four:

Places roses on your nightstand. Let the smell of them waft toward you when you are naked in your bed. Use your fingers or your jade yoni egg, and touch your gorgeous body, your soft curves, your hair. Tell your body you love her. Tell her she is right, and she is wise, that nothing God gave you could ever be wrong, and your body, and your soul, and your heart, never has to belong to another person.

Your body is yours. You are yours. Your body is yours. You are yours.

And your body is breathtaking. It is beautiful. It is magical. It is home.

Step Five:

Dance. In the early morning, or in late afternoon, or while you’re waiting for the pasta water to boil, let the drums of your favorite song compel you to stand, to move, to sway. Close your eyes and move, let your body do whatever, whatever, it wants to do, because no one is watching, because you are yours.

This dance is a prayer.

This dance is your joy.

This dance is how you face the demons and stare them in the eye and smile your way into peace and bliss.

Stretch your arms out long in front of you. Push away, or heck, slap away, the disguised ones. And then spin, turn, pump, laugh, smile, reach your arms up to the sky and breathe, breathe, breathe.

Always remember to breathe.

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